5th June July 2nd 2017

TIFA is organising a four-week residential mentorship for young artists (both in the sense of age and practice) in Pune from June 5 2017 to July 16 2017. 

The theme of the mentorship program spans the three disciplines of Art, Architecture and Text. The relationships between the specific objectives of art-making, built space and text in space will be explored via vigenettes of theory, practical exercises and mentored studio sessions. 
For young practitioners, it is a better strategy to be aware of movements in a gamut of disciplines and not fit precisely into any one. The composite frame we are offering for the summer program in 2017 includes Art, Architecture and Text. This frame lays out a landscape which connects unique perspectives from three disciplines. From the field of Art, it absorbs the ability to imagine and think without precedent. From Architecture it absorbs the ability of creating experiential spaces and modifying behaviour through shaping spaces. And from text the frame absorbs the ability to be precise and to state specific meanings. Art, like all other professions, has become a specialised and isolated sphere of culture. Only those who are experienced and knowledgable about the intricacies of the field can hope to benefit from the closely guarded and political processes at play
When thought of together, the process does not reflect a bridging of mutually disparate disciplines. On the contrary, it reflects a space that does not belong to any one discipline or methodology but freely borrows from each disciplinary process as needed. 
The summer program will aim to develop the capacity within each participant to respond to a wider context and draw inspiration from a wider range of research and practice. The four-week mentorship program is independent and is not affiliated to any University or degree-granting body. The four-week program carries a fee of Rs 40,000. The tuition and the cost of stay is included in this fee. Through the application process, we will select a set of twenty young practitioners for this program. 
This program seeks to develop practices in the overlapping areas of Art, Architechture and Text. Applicants are not expected to have a practice that engages with the three areas already. Interest in and demonstrable profeciency for any two are sufficiant in a successful application.